Restrained glycoprotein VI-induced platelet signaling by tyrosine protein phosphatases independent of phospholipase Cγ2

Submitted: 18 July 2023
Accepted: 23 September 2023
Published: 11 October 2023
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The platelet collagen receptor glycoprotein VI (GPVI) signals to activation of phospholipase Cγ2 (PLCγ2) and phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI3K), causing platelet activation and aggregation. The non-receptor Src homology tyrosine phosphatases Shp1/2 modulate GPVI signaling in partly opposite ways, both of which are targeted by the potential drug NSC87877. Effect measurements of the Shp1/2 inhibitor NSC87877 on platelet activation via GPVI using light transmission aggregometry, Ca2+ flux assay, western blotting and flow cytometry. Effect measurements of selective PI3K inhibitor TGX221. Inhibition of Shp1/2 with NSC87877 enhanced platelet aggregation induced by the GPVI agonist, collagen-related peptide (CRP). Furthermore, NSC87877 antagonized the effects of PI3Kb inhibition, but not of Btk inhibition. Both NSC87877 and TGX221 suppressed the CRP-induced phosphorylation of PLCγ2 at activation site Tyr759. These findings indicate that drug interference of the two phosphatases Shp1/2 subtly enhances GPVI-induced platelet responses via a mechanism not involving PLCγ2 activation, even upon PI3K inhibition.



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